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What We offer

Schedules: Each room has an established schedule of activities that is used to ensure that the children are getting an opportunity to participate in a variety of activities. The schedule is more of a guide for our daily activities, as there will not be a timer going off telling us to change activities. Instead the children and their moods will be the “Leaders” in regard to the time spent on an activity. If an activity is particularly interesting, we may spend longer time on it causing lost time for something else and vice versa. 

Additionally, the children have several scheduled free play opportunities throughout the day, where the children are permitted to chose their own activities to do and the staff go around the classroom playing along side the children promoting language development and teaching them informally about what they are playing with. The teachers are also there to offer other activities that require teacher assistance, such as a painting project or obstacle course. 

Activities: With the understanding that children learn best through play, classroom schedules are designed to provide a harmonious balance between structured/teacher directed activities and free play/child directed activities, as well as quiet time and active play. Recognizing that children develop at their own rate, we treat each child as an individual, encouraging their own natural love of learning.

Transition times: We may sing songs, do finger plays, read books

or offer the children puzzles, books, or another activity to ease any tension

or restless energy the kids may have during activity changes; when

possible children will be broken up into smaller groups during transition

times. Our Magnetic board in the hallway has brought the children

additional fun transition activities. As you can see currently they are able

to explore magnets and gears while practicing their small motor skills.

TV and Computer usage: We do have computers and televisions to supplement learning, which will be limited to the following amounts of time per age group per week: 0-2yrs 0 minutes, 3-4 yrs 30 minutes, and 5+yrs 60 minutes.

How we ensure your child is learning: As part of our regular daily routines, teachers observe the children and use those observations to complete assessments on each child. While time does not allow teachers to document everything we see the children do throughout their day, the teachers try and document as much as possible to make a robust portfolio for your child and ensure they know where your child is at developmentally. The observations and assessments are then used to by the teachers to set goals for your child and best plan activities to help your child grow and learn.  Finally, the observations and assessments are then organized, pictures added, and placed into your child's portfolio. Each child's portfolio is documentation of their growth and learning while in our care. The teachers use these during parent teacher conferences to show parents examples of all of the amazing things their child is learning while in our care. Please feel free to ask your child's teacher to view your child's portfolio at any time.