Proving the fun, loving, educational care your child deserves!

Our Youngstar Rating

Voted BEST Childcare Center/Preschool 4 years in a row!

The care children receive at home and away from home couldn’t be more important.

Studies show that children who experience engaging, one-on-one activities and safe, healthy and nurturing learning environments have a better chance at lifelong success. They’re more likely to graduate from high school, less likely to engage in criminal activity or participate in special education programs. And they often earn higher wages throughout their lifetime. [Paper cutout of family and house]

The Department of Children and Families is committed to improving the quality of care for Wisconsin’s youngest children. YoungStar, Wisconsin’s child care quality rating and improvement system, is helping to make it happen.

YoungStar drives quality improvement in child care throughout the state of Wisconsin by:

-Helping providers who want to improve the quality of their care
-Creating financial incentives that encourage providers to deliver better services to children
-Giving parents the meaningful information they need to make informed child care decisions for their children—at home and away from home
-Supporting ongoing child care quality improvement by linking higher quality care to higher Wisconsin shares subsidy amounts and YoungStar Quality Adjustments

With relocating our centers rating was lowered to 3 stars until the state is able to come out and rate the new location. Hopefully this will happen soon and we will be back at our 4 stars!

*As of 2016, our center was West Bends FIRST AND ONLY 4 star center

through the WI DCF program Youngstar! We are also proud to say that out of 41 licensed group centers, we were tied for the 6th highest rated child care center in Washington County!! *


Making healthy child care choices for your kids—at home and away

from home—can set the stage for their lifelong success. Every other 

year, YoungStar-rated child care programs go through a 40-point

evaluation process, which is specific to each program’s size and

structure. For example, a day camp caring for 50 children participates

in a different evaluation process than a family child care program caring

for three children. The total number of points a program earns determines

how many stars it receives.

YoungStar awards up to five stars for the highest quality of care, based on

four key categories:

-The Staff Education & Training
-The Learning Environment & Curriculum
-The Program's Business & Professional Practices
-The Child's Health & Well-Being

We are also currently moving towards accreditation to become 5 stars!

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