Proving the fun, loving, educational care your child deserves!

​Ms. McKenniah

Ms. McKenniah has been with us since 2018. While she is newer to this field, but she is very eager to learn. She has already completed her coursework to become an Assistant Teacher with us and is working on her Lead Teacher course. She can be found helping out in various rooms of the center where needed and is always a smiling face the kids enjoy seeing come in. She is a very busy lady, as she is a college student as well. 

Mrs. Casine

Mrs. Casine was welcomed into our hearts here at Playful Hearts in October 2017. She lives here I Wi with her husband, but is originally from Jamaica. She has recently completed all required coursework to be a Lead Teacher and is currently working on pursing additional college education in Early Childhood! Her most embarrassing moment is trying to sing in front of the kids (the one thing she feels she is bad at), but would like to be better at is singing. Good thing she'll get lots of practice at that here and the best part is the kids won't judge her! Fun Facts about Mrs Casine... favorite color is blue, favorite number is 15, and her favorite thing to do is read novels.   

Ms Katelynn

Ms. Katelynn has been around since Playful Hearts began as an in-home center; she is Ms Jesse's eldest daughter. Katelynn has her CNA license and worked with the elderly population during high school. She officially started working for the center in May 2017 before heading off to college to work towards becoming a NICU/Neonatal Nurse. She can be found helping out at the center randomly when she is home from school. She has her Lead Teacher qualifications and currently holds a level 4 Registry.

Ms Brooke

Ms. Brooke joined our team in January 2013. It has been a slow process, but she has been working on continuing her education in the child care field and looks forward to completing her degree in Early Childhood Education. She has her Infant and Toddler Credential and is currently a level 10 with the Registry. She wants to be remembered for being the sassy one, but the one who cares. Her first job was working at Papa Murphy's. Her favorite place to eat is Applebee's.

Mrs. Sami C

Mrs. Sam brought her daughter to us for 2 years before she had a second child and decided to pursue a more fulfilling career in Early Childhood education. She has been a welcome addition to our team since April 2014. She has completed her Infant and Toddler credential and currently holds a level 9 Registry certificate. She is quiet at first, but is always very friendly and eager to help! She loves to get to teach the kids and help make a difference. She is the Lead Teacher in our one year old classroom. She would love to meet Kesha one day! And if she could be any animal she would be a white tiger.

Ms Allissa  (aka Beanbag)

Ms. Allissa came to join our family here at the center in February of 2017. She has since already completed all required coursework to be a Lead teacher and is continuing her education even further. She is currently a level 8 with the Registry. She is the goofy, fun one of the group and can always be found wearing a smile and probably being just as silly as the kids! She also LOVES Superheros! If she could have a super power herself it would be super speed! Fun Fact about Ms. Allissa.... she loves Panda Express and chicken nuggets and... she has a pet tarantula!!

​Ms. Amber

Ms. Amber can often be found working in the 2 and under classrooms. She is new to this field and is working on becoming an Assistant Teacher.  She has already completed her Infant and Toddler coursework. She is also a busy momma of 2 beautiful little girls! 

Some of our Fun and Shenanigans!

Mrs. Sam R

Mrs. Sam currently holds a Registry level 10 and is pursuing an Associates degree in Early Childhood Education. She has two children who attended our center before she chose to come join our family. She has been a welcome addition. She began with our under 2 group, but when the opportunity arose to take over her own group of children, she jumped at the chance and became our Lead 2s Teacher. Fun Fact: Ms. Sam has a farm!

Mrs. Anna

Prior joining our team in 2014, Mrs. Anna had been bringing her two children to us before she decided she was ready for a career change and we mutually decided she needed to join us! She enjoys working with kids because she gets to be a big kid herself! She has her Infant and Toddler Credential and is looking to further pursue her college education in this field. She and her husband, Craig, have 3 children. In her spare time she enjoys doing her nails.  

Jessica H. (Ms. Jesse) - Director/ Owner

Despite a bad previous experience working in a childcare center and feeling like it was not for me, I ultimately decided I could do it better myself and opened my small in-home center where I truly learned that this IS for me. After several years, I had saved enough and expanded to open the larger center in order to better serve more families. I am a PDAS trainer (can train in almost any area), SCAN MRT trainer of Child Abuse and Neglect prevention, and a Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention trainer. I have my Infant and Toddler and also Administrative Credentials. I hold an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education, and am eagerly yearning to get back in and finish the last couple of classes for my Bachelors! My husband, Clint, and I have 3 children of our own; Katelynn, Kayla, and Andrew. We also have 4 fur babies. We moved here to Wi from Florida for a change several years ago and boy did we find it!

​Ms. Amanda

Ms. Amanda has been with us working in the under 2 classrooms since 2018. She is new to this field, but has already completed the requirements to work as an Assistant Teacher in the Under 2 classrooms. She is recently completed her coursework to become a Lead Teacher. Her free time is spent with family and friends, which includes her daughter Hailey that also attends our center.   

​The infamous... Mr. Clint

Mr. Clint is our behind the scenes office admin. He handles all of our booking-keeping and financial aspects. He is also Ms. Jesse's husband. And the trouble maker in the building! He needs time outs more than the kids some times... or at least reminders not to encourage the kids to play chase in the classroom or throw the balls indoors.   

Mrs. Judy

Mrs. Judy is a fellow Florida native and joined our team in December 2016. She is our Office Admin, where you can find her to help with scheduling, paperwork, tours, and other administrative needs. She fills many roles at the center. She has completed her Introduction to the ChildCare Profession and can occasionally be found helping in some of the classrooms. Currently, she is enrolled in college to further her education in Business Management. Mrs. Judy has 2 children of her own, Nina and Darren, with her husband Jeremy. Recently, they enjoyed a trip to Rivera Maya, Mexico to celebrate their anniversary. In her spare time she enjoys working on growing her photography business and spending time with her family.