​​​​​Here are some ways you can get involved in your child's Early Childhood Education:

CLASSROOM VOLUNTEER:Instead of just dropping off your child and kissing them bye, you are welcome and encouraged to stay and help put out an activity for the kids, see if any laundry needs to be washed, folded, etc., sit down with the other kids to color for a bit, and talk to the other parents. If it's your volunteer workday, sling your job card around your neck and get ready to teach, clean, play, prepare a meal or snack, or otherwise help out. We depend on one another in order for the center to function smoothly. Or maybe you have a special skill you can share with us, or you have a profession that we are learning about All the participation of the parents keeps down the operating costs of the center, a key benefit to many parents.
*Skills of special interest: Sign language, foreign language, doctors, nurses, vet’s & other similar medical professionals, accountants, lawyers, musicians, singers, speech therapists, and physical

                                              Donuts with Dad is held Annually on the last Friday before Father's Day in June.                                                             We gladly welcome Dad, step-dad, uncle, grandpa or any other male role model                                                             for your child to attend and spend this time with your child. 

FALL FEST: Every year our center has an annual Fall Fest where families are invited to come join in the fun. All activities are provided free of charge. We do have food and drinks for sale during the event, as it typically takes place during mid-day. The money earned during Fall Fest goes towards our fundraiser dollars to purchase new items.

FIELD TRIP CHAPERONE: Whether the children are off to the rock quarry, the splash pad, zoo, or a picnic at the park, parents are more than welcome to join their child's class for field trips. 

FUNDRAISERS: In order to keep the costs of the center down, we try to hold a few fundraisers each year, host a Fall & Spring Clean Up Day, and collect aluminum cans. Parent help is very much appreciated, and your participation is vital to the success of the center. Fundraisers and can collection helps provide the funds for new equipment, building repairs, field trips, teacher training/education, as well as operating costs. The Clean Up Day helps minimize maintenance costs. 

LENDING LIBRARY: Our Infant Area lobby has a wide variety of books and activities in theme packed bags in the Lending Library for parents to check out from the desk, take home, and complete with their child. No bag is the same! If you are interested in this, please contact someone in the office to assist you with signing one out.

                                        Muffins with Mom is held Annually on the last Friday before

                                        Mother's Day in May. We gladly welcome Mom, step-mom,

                                        aunt, grandma or any other female role model for your child

                                        to attend and spend this time with your child. 

PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES: Our center has Parent Teacher conferences at minimum

twice per year. We try to hold these on the weekends, as we understand this is often

most convenient for parents. If weekends do not work with your schedule, please feel

free to speak with the director and/or teacher to set up an alternate time to meet.

Conferences serve as a wonderful opportunity to address any concerns you may have

about your child, share ideas, and learn about the many things they do and learn while

in care. 

SCHOLASTIC BOOK CLUB: We have an ongoing "fundraiser" with scholastic books. This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to promote reading at home with their child and also help out our center by helping us to earn FREE items! Our Scholastic account can be found on the here. Click on Parents get started and search for our school by our 5 digit class code Q9RVJ. This helps our center earn books for the classrooms while parents save money ordering directly through Scholastic!

SURVEYS/FEEDBACK: Annually, parents will be asked to fill out a program evaluation/survey. We use this information to help plan for the future. Parental feedback is always welcome; Good feedback is the key to improvement! We encourage parents to discuss their concerns with a teacher or director, whenever questions or problems arise. Questions, feedback, or discussions of any kind that affect a positive outcome for the child or center are always welcome. Please use the payment/ comment box in the lobby if you would like to remain anonymous. You may also email the director at office@playfulheartsdaycare.com. Feedback is discussed at staff meetings and brainstormed amongst everyone for ways to improve. We then work on making necessary changes. You will find in our lower lobby our QIP (Quality Improvement Plan) area. This is where we have taken feedback, put plans into place ideas, and are working to achieve those. If you are interested in helping with some of these projects, please sign up to help us out and we will let you know how we could best use your skills.

VOLUNTEERS: We are always looking for parents with expertise in building and remodeling. We are looking to have some things built on the playground for the children. If you have expertise in woodwork/carpentry or concrete work and would be willing to volunteer some time to help us out, please let someone in the office know or send us an email to office@playfulheartsdaycare.com.

Check out Ms. Arlene!

She was one of our community volunteers who enjoyed spending time in our baby rooms as her time allowed. She has since passed away and we will greatly miss her and her friendship beyond the center.

Contact us to find out how you can snuggle babies too!

Proving the fun, loving, educational care your child deserves!

Parent Involvement

At Playful Hearts ChildCare, we understand how crucial parental involvement is to the success of a child’s educational achievement. Parents are their child’s first and their most important teacher. Research has shown that children are more successful learners when their parents are actively involved in their learning, both at home and at school. To support parents as partners, we encourage families to be involved in their child’s educational progress here at our center. Playful Hearts offers an open-door policy, which allows parents to visit and participate in our programs at all times, fostering a sense of openness and inclusion. Your time is very much appreciated!