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Do you provide transportation to school?
Yes, our center has a 15 passenger MFSAB bus for transporting the children. Our bus is affectionately called the Adventure bus by the children because of all the fun adventures they take in it! Our vehicles are inspected annually to ensure their safety and reliability and the vehicles carry full coverage insurance. All drivers of the vehicles have their driving records inspected annually and are included on our insurance policies for additional protection.

Do you provide before and after school transportation?
Yes, we do provide transportation to some of the local Elementary schools. We currently transport to and from Green Tree Elementary and Fair Park Elementary.

We cannot transport to McLane, but the center IS zoned as a McLane school. This means that while we do not provide transportation to and from this school, you can pay for this service through the bus company or if your home address is in a bussing zone for McLane then you will be bussed to and from our center FREE of charge. This is per the bussing company, check with Johnson Bus for specifics.

My child goes to a different school. Why do you not transport to the other elementary schools or Silverbrook?
We are unable to transport to these schools due to the times the schools start and end. They are too close to the times of the schools we do transport to and we cannot make it to the other schools on time. Parents can arrange for transportation to and from the center and school through Washington County Taxi services.

Do you provide transportation for Summer School?

We will provide transportation for summer school if there is a minimum of 5 children attending summer school. Parents must sign up for summer school through the school district and let us know of their intentions to have their child attend. We will track this and let you know around school end whether we have enough children signed up for summer school to enable us to provide transportation. We strongly encourage parents of school age children to sign their school age children up for summer school. It has been FREE in the past and allows them to interact with friends from school, while providing a continuation of their learning for a few weeks into summer.

Do I need to bring a car seat for my child for field trips?

Our bus is designed with regular seat belts in every seat. We provide booster seats for children and 8 of our seats do have built in 5 point harness systems. In most cases the answer is no. If additional car seats will be needed, we will let you know in advance. 

My child goes to a Headstart or another program requiring transportation away from the center. What do I need to do and how does that work? 

We do not provide transportation for these services. If you would like your child to participate in these services away from the center, it is the parents responsibility to set up transportation with the bussing company and the offsite program. Due to a lack of children utilizing these services (only 1-2 children using these and the majority utilizing our services) combined with conflicts with our own programs schedules and activities, we will not be able to put kids on and off these buses this year. Parents opting to utilize offsite services will be responsible for getting their children on and off these buses and into the center if care is needed. Please be advised that based on your child's schedule, you may still be charged for a full day of care at our center even if your child is away at offsite services. This would be if your child is still scheduled with our center for more than 5 hours the day they are offsite.

I want my child to do the 4k program. How do I set that up?

There is nothing to set up if you are utilizing our program. We offer our own 3k and 4k programs here at our center for all the children in care in those age groups. There is no extra fees associated with these services. We work with each child, taking observations to help us to complete assessments that tell us where each child is at developmentally and how we need to plan for that child to get them to the next level in their development. All of this is compiled into the individual child's portfolio to track their growth and progress. Each year they are here at our center, the things that they learn will be more challenging than the previous year to best prepare them for school. Offering our own 3k and 4k programs eliminates the hassles and wasted time of transitions and bussing outside of the center. This is all valuable time the children are utilizing to learn by staying here at our center for our 3k and 4k programs.

Will my child go on field trips outside the center?
Parents will be notified in advance of any transported field trips. We will not transport your child/ren without written authorization to do so.

All classrooms may on occasion take walking field trips around the block or to the nearby Ridge Run park on University Drive.

Children must be potty trained and at least 3 years old in order to participate in off site field trips of a lengthy distance. In the past our 2 year olds have participated in local field trips to the pumpkin farm. Fields trips may include Zoo, Museums, Parks, Library, Pumpkin Farms, Animal/Dairy Farms, Skating Rink, Rock quarries, or other similar locations. You must sign a field trip permission form and pay any associated fees in order for your child to participate in these field trips. We can not transport children without written authorization for the child to participate and be transported in our vehicles. Any associated fees for field trips must be paid for in advance if you would like your child to attend. Most field trips are free of charge.