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EDUCATIONAL COMMITMENT: Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) is the cornerstone of our philosophy and curriculum. We understand how children learn and develop, and we use this knowledge to meet children where they are in the developmental continuum. We encourage children towards challenging, yet obtainable goals. Teaching through utilization of active play, hands-on activities, and comprehensive environmental social interactions provides us the ability to enhance the cognitive, physical, emotional, and social growth and development of each, individual child.

Our curriculum is a combined approach curriculum consisting of many different curriculums including, but not limited to Bank Street, High-Scope, Montessori, and the Creative Curriculum. No two children are the same nor learn the same, so combined approaches to learning seem to best coincide with our centers missions and philosophy.

Our curriculum is planned according to a calendar of themes and units, which are relevant to the children and the world around them. All rooms use our calendar of themes and units as a guide to plan activities that are appropriate for their own class and age group of children. Therefore, not all themes and units may be covered in all rooms. Lead Teachers plan opportunities for practice and understanding of these skills and concepts. The activities are planned to emphasize the learning process rather than the product, which fosters a sense of accomplishment and pride.

The center does not offer a regular religious education program or curriculum at this time, but it may on occasion include a limited amount of religious instruction or practices in activities. Prayers/grace is offered before meals and snacks. Holidays that we observe: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, New Years, and each child's birthday. In order to be culturally diverse, we reserve the right to teach the children about and celebrate other holidays such as but not limited to Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah, Advent, and Ramadan.

*If you have any concerns about this or do not want your child to participate in these activities please inform the director upon enrollment and your child’s teacher.*

Staff are required to post your child’s lesson plan for the week in the classroom. If you have any questions about the lesson plan, please see your child’s teacher. Teachers plan for the whole group of children along with planning activities for each individual child to ensure children who are more advanced or a little behind the rest of the group get the extra time, attention, and assistance that they need.

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