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Infants will have a flexible schedule, which reflects the child's individual needs. When they turn one they slowly begin transitioning to the center schedule of set mealtimes and pre planned times during the day for outside time and nap. Children also begin transitioning from cribs to cots at this age. This age group has 3 classrooms with a ratio of 1 teacher per 4 children. 

            Infants/Creeping- They will be given individual attention including lots of time for talking. Tummy time will be provided for non-mobile infants. Their body position and location will be changed frequently. They will be provided safe, open spaces for children who are creeping and crawling. Infants and toddlers will be encouraged to play with a wide variety of safe toys and objects. Infants need relationships and security above all else. Our goal is to develop a loving, trusting, relationship, so your child feels secure, and confident that their needs will be met. At this age the teachers will be there to support the children and provide for their needs on the child’s own individual schedule; infants will eat and sleep when they need to. We will provide them with a variety of age appropriate activities during their awake times to stimulate and challenge them. With the knowledge that infants learn through their bodies and sense, we will provide them with careful attention to ensure they are getting tummy time, story time, one on one interaction/conversation, and time for other small and large motor skill development. During the first year of your baby’s life they will learn and grow at a rapid rate and we will work with your little one to provide them with activities and challenges to help them move into that wonderful toddler age!

            Toddler I/Walking- Your child from age one through two is very busy, intent on exploring and understanding everything in the world around them. The world and it’s objects are fascinating, and your child will try to imitate adult behavior. We arrange the toddler’s classroom into interest areas, where they can explore materials and interact with others. The classroom provides dramatic play with dolls and other areas such as kitchen, blocks, books, and art materials. If weather does not permit outdoor play, we have many indoor large motor activities for the children to participate in. These include tents, tunnels, climbers, scooters, bouncy balls, tunnels, parachutes, hopper balls, ride on cars, etc… We provide opportunities for your child to engage in many types of activities to enhance fine and gross motor skills, as well as cognitive and socio-emotional skills.

Here's what our classrooms looks like!

Infants and Toddler Under 2 years of Age