To support our program with health and sanitation practices:

1. Complete the Sick Child Policy Amendment sheet and return it to the center the next day that your child attends care. Please note during this crisis the state has changed the policy regarding fevers and coughs. If your child has had a fever or cough, they must remain home for 72 hours fever and/or cough free without medication before returning to care.

2. Complete daily Health Check and Exposure assessment when dropping your child off. If the answers remain the same from the previous day, please initial and date the same form for the week. This will help prevent wasting paper.

3. Stay home if you are sick or become exposed to the Coronavirus. * Healthcare workers, we understand this is pretty much inevitable. The states rule on tis is to practice good health and hygiene practices, monitor your health, adhere to social distancing when possible, and isolate when necessary.

4. Keep your child home if they are sick or become exposed or someone in the household becomes exposed to the virus.

5. When entering the program immediately wash your hands and your child’s hands BEFORE entering any areas of the center.

6. We understand your child needs high quality care and you need to be able to attend school or work. In effort to stay open and keep everyone safe, we will increase our cleaning and sanitization procedures of our classrooms and center. We already practice handwashing, but we be diligent in helping your child wash thoroughly and frequently and sanitize toys and other play materials daily.

Emergency Orders

Relating to ChildCare:

Order #12

Order #6

Order #72

Mask Order #1

Order #26

COVID-19 /Coronavirus Updates 

Our current policies regarding tuition payments do remain in affect which are:

Families are contracted for a specific weekly schedule as indicated in your enrollment paperwork. Payment for this contracted schedule is required every week, year-round whether or not your child attends. While we understand the burden families may face if they cannot work due to childcare disruptions, we also must look after the welfare and retention of our staff and future longevity of the program; meaning we need to make sure there is a center and staff to return to following this or we will not be able to care for your child/ren. No credits are given for absences, holidays, or closures due to inclement weather, power outages, or other situations beyond our control unless parents opt to use vacations days that they may have available. Our minimum requirement for care is 1 full day or 2 half days a week. Payments are prepaid and due on Fridays for the following week of care. While we understand this may be a hardship, it is essential to the financial stability of the program and we are willing to work with families so they too can remain financially stable during this state of emergency. Things may change with this should funding, resources or other measures or rulings become available to us.

At this time families opting to place their child’s enrollment on hold for 30 days or longer do have the option to pay 25% to hold their child’s spot during the 30-day absence. This is typically something we offer our schoolteacher families who do not need summer care, but we are extending it to all families right now including children on varied schedules. For varied schedule families, this means paying the $5.00 varied schedule fee and 25% of their regular schedule. So, if the child/ren typically attend 4 days it would be 25% of the 4 days plus the varied schedule fee. This is determined by adding the last 4 weeks of care, dividing by 4 to come up with a weekly average, and then dividing by 4 to determine the 25% of the weekly rate. Please let us know at least a week in advance if this is something you would like to do.

Child care is an important piece of our state’s response to the COVID-19 crisis. As essential employees are called into action, Playful Hearts is dedicated to continue providing safe, quality child care for the children of healthcare workers and essential first responders, ensuring they can dedicate themselves to the needs of our community.

We are committed to taking the necessary additional precautions to keep everyone (you, your child/ren, and the staff) safe, while continuing to provide an enriching learning environment to meet the overall well-being of children and their families. Working closely with our own medical advisor, licensing/DCF, Washington COunty Health Dept, and other sources we have come up with improved practices to better serve those on the front lines of the COV-10 pandemic. As a result, we have implemented the following new and/or improved safety precautions: 

  • Strictly enforcing our illness exclusion policy in addition to the states COVID-19 sick child Amendment
  • Persons are not permitted in our building until/unless they have washed their hands and the child/ren's hands
  • Daily Health screening upon entry for children, parents, and staff
  • Social distancing within activities and groups when possible
  • Temporary suspension of our family dining program
  • Health and Safety training for our teachers and staff
  • Increased sanitation and hygiene practices

Playful Hearts ChildCare is prioritizing the needs of healthcare provider families, followed by other essential workforce families. During this time of uncertainty, giving these families stable child care eases the burden they face day in and out. 

Wants families to know... We’re here to support you while you work hard to see us all through this crisis.

You do not need to already be attending our center to utilize our emergency childcare.
You can enroll temporarily during this crisis.
No Registration fee for temporary enrollment.

 To enroll, contact us at 262-338-0172 or email

* NOTE: If your child is quarantined from school due to secondary exposure. We require negative results before returning to care or at minimum the child must be out of care for 14 days.

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